Love. Passion. Art.

With our drama school in Berlin we are creating a place where you can live out your need for art. Fill your body and mind with what’s important to you. At the same time, we offer you a place of permanence. Here you find your balance in a world full of fear, stress, the hunt for more and more money. Our art of dancing, singing, painting, filming, speaking, feeling and loving makes life colorful and passionate.


What would our life be without love? What would art be without love? Our intimate and deep connection to the art of acting allows us to fill all roles and characters. We feel them, we understand them, we let them guide us.


Even the smallest spark can ignite a blazing fire. Experience being completely moved by the art of acting. Experience what you can achieve with your will and strength. It’s overwhelming!


Art is like the universe. It is always and everywhere. A form of art lives in everything. Life is art, marked by change, development, passion and love. Find your real me. Surrender to this process that demands everything: courage, strength, sweat, blood and tears. You cannot compare the art of acting to anything else.


We create art. That is our vision. From the first step, it goes towards the goal.


Our team gives one hundred percent every day. This is how we accompany you through your training.


You can only reach your goal through hard work, dedication to art and willpower. We will remind you of it.


The love for art and especially for acting motivates us day after day to do our best.


Whether film, theater, dubbing or screenplay. You will be coached and promoted around the profession of “acting”.


Each of you belongs to the team. Together we achieve our goals and together we
celebrate your success.