Georg Paluza and Lara Ertan run the drama school in Berlin. We are young and active in business and are supported by a dedicated team.
Acting training with online courses.
In addition to professional acting training, we also give you valuable insider knowledge and comprehensive preparation for your future success. What is your dream? Apply now and make it come true!

Our online courses enable you to make your training easier. You get exclusive access to selected online courses, which you can watch at home or on the go.

The offer of our

In addition to the lesson summaries, numerous extras are offered such as:

·  Interviews with agency leaders
·  Interviews with famous actor
·  Interviews with directors
·  Additional lessons / unit

and much more…

The Training

With us you will complete three practice-oriented training years. We will prepare you well for your work as an actress or actor for the German and international market.

Our goals

You’re not just being trained as a professional actor or actress. We also take care of the time after your training so that you have a perfect start.


Before your final videos you will experience something very special: We were able to win an international acting coach. You complete this coveted workshop with a certificate.

The third year

The 3rd year of acting training is your surprise bag: you get industry information, exclusive coaching in Germany and internationally, marketing tips, profile and role analysis, test and show reel shoots, scene work in English and more.

The professors

Our lecturers are selected professionals. They master their areas, give you a professional insight into the subject through their years of experience and will train you intensively.


With in-house award ceremonies, we fuel your motivation and reward your efforts and success.

Social media

We post everything of your career on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp etc. and support you with a large network. We show highlights like your current shoots or your new acting pictures. Follow us on social media!


Our school rooms are at your disposal: for recording purposes, for rehearsals, e-castings and so on. Of course we also support you with your auditions. During your acting training and afterwards, your goals are also our goals.

Training content

Acting styles

You learn techniques according to Meisner, Chubbuck, Strasberg.

Scene work

The scene work is taught to you in different ways.

Character work

You will get to know and play many new characters within yourself.

Casting exercice

Your means & a good audition is half the battle.

Acting in front

The more time you spend in front of the camera, the more confident and calm you will be on the set.

Acting in English

We don’t just focus on the German market.

Script Writing

You will learn to write your own script and in the end also your final scenes.

Monologue work

Mastering a monologue and performing alone is a masterpiece.

International Acting

You will be taught by an international coach.

Degree videos

In the 3rd year your final videos will be realized by a professional team.


You will be in harmony with yourself, feel and find yourself.

Body and Soul dance

Real emotions through movement.


You are free. No text or stage directions. Create your scene.


There is not only action and drama. The art of comedy is an important part.


It is very important to keep your body fit. Yoga is one of the most common sports for actors.

Business administration

You learn the most important things about the acting contract.


In addition to yoga, you will also learn to dance.

Stunt training

To be able to play all stunt and action scenes on set, we also train you in the area of stunt.

Post production

You will learn to edit your own recordings with professional programs

Speak in sync

You get workshops in an original dubbing studio.


You will learn the most important literatures of drama.


You will record recordings for speaker agencies in our own studio.

Finance Coaching

It is very important for actors who earn several thousand euros in one to learn how to deal with it. We offer you financial coaching, in which you learn how to handle your fees properly. But it’s not just how you handle your fees that matters, it’s also how you deal with money in general. We want to give you an overview, so that you have your finances under control.