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Become an actress or an actor with the IAA
You can compare good acting training with a good series. The series writers know from the beginning how the series will end. This is the only way to work towards the end from the beginning and using all stylistic devices. It is exactly the same if you do acting training with us: At the beginning we set a goal together. And we are working towards that. With all the experiences, methods and contacts from which you will benefit during your training.

Digitizeing your acting training through
Online-Courses  !

Expand. Facilitate.
Achieve goals !


We expand our and your horizons by digitizing the teaching units. You get exclusive access to the digitized courses and protocols.

Here “MORE INFO” you get a little insight into our offer.

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Due to the current situation, live castings will no longer take place, but only e-castings.


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Official partner


We want you to be successful. This means for us that we work with partners who can support your success. From the beginning, we also consider your possible future as an actress or actor and prepare you intensively for it.

Insight the agency

Many graduates of an acting school only have contact with an acting agency after they have completed their training. With us you get exclusive insider knowledge and industry tips during your apprenticeship.

Practical experience

By working with the acting agency ACTORS FAMILY, you can get acting jobs during your apprenticeship. And you learn what is important when looking for the right agency.


Build a network from the start. The world of film and theater is smaller than you might think. With us you make contacts with casters, directors and other actresses and actors.

Admission to the agency

Do you need a little motivational kick? The best of you acting students get a permanent place in the international acting agency ACTORS FAMILY!


ACTORS FAMILY is one of the few acting agencies in Germany that are represented
internationally in such a strong and diverse way. If you do your acting training with us, you will become part of the network. This opens up completely different opportunities for you!



Sabine Rassau (CEO & Agent)
Represents all actors and actresses in Germany.



Sabine Rassau (CEO & Agent)
Represents all actors and actresses in England.


Los Angeles

Deborah Meister (Agent)
Represents all actors and actresses in the United States.



our headmistress Lara Ertan (Agent)
Represents all actors and actresses in Turkey.



Silvio Kröger (Agent)
Responsible for all commercials of the actors.

Training content

We accompany you for 3 years through practice-oriented, professional training. Our team is young and is in the middle of (actor) life. You benefit from a mix of modern and traditional methods and from a holistic training concept.

Finance coaching

It is very important for actors who earn several thousand euros in one to learn how to deal with it. We offer you financial coaching, in which you learn how to handle your fees properly. But it’s not just how you handle your fees that matters, it’s also how you deal with money in general. We want to give you an overview, so that you have your finances under control.


The best acting training is of no use to you if you cannot move around the scene safely afterwards. That is why we have your future in view from the start and prepare you for everything that comes AFTER your apprenticeship. In Germany and internationally.

The Team

Get to know us

Our passion for acting has motivated us to found the IAA. As young, creative artists, we want to do it differently and better.

Georg Paluza

CEO / Principal / Lecturer

Georg speaks 4 languages. His repertoire is as multifaceted as his life: from improvisation to comedy to voice actor.

Lara Ertan

Organizer / Lecturer

Lara speaks 4 languages. Singing, piano and dance are her passion. Ballet, martial arts, snowboarding and yoga are just a few of the sports she is passionate about.

Szilard Varnai
Björn Von der wellen
Elisa Osborne
Alexandra Alegren
Szilard Varnai
Susann Mertz


The hilghlight of your training with us: a workshop with an international coach

Your training with us will be international. The scene work in the USA gives you a deep insight into American coaching. This workshop is highly regarded in the German and international film theater market. You will receive a certified participation certificate from us for your future applications.