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Use the live casting to convince the casters and the director of you. Here it is not just your talent that counts, but you as a person. We have conversations between the scenes – sometimes with a special purpose. Sometimes just like that. The people behind the casting camera want to get to know the human in front of the camera.

Please just be yourself and not someone else. Feel comfortable and free and convince us of your personality. You will notexperience pressure or stress situations with us. We want to get to know you as a human and not as a role, because you will absolve the training and not learn the role.

Your next audition

Due to the current situation, live castings will no longer take place, but only eCastings.


Apply now, get your tasks and submit your



No matter where you come from, apply now to the casting. No school qualifications are necessary. Due to the current situation there will be NO live castings, only eCastings. Registration is binding and free of charge.


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Start of training: 01.09.2022

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